Aquarius Personality Traits

Pouring water on the Earth symbolizes the Aquarian’s flow of imaginative ideas

Eccentric and individualistic, Aquarians are some of the most original and inventive people that one is ever likely to meet. As a whole, they have a tendency to challenge the norm and shake people out of their cozy complacency.

They have a strong streak of rebellion in their natures and refuse to conform to society’s mandate – as a result, many choose to lead less than conventional lives.

However, blessed with far-sighted ideas, Aquarians are driven by an extraordinary humanitarian zeal. Fueled by unselfish motives, they will always lend support to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

At work and play, an eye for innovation gives Aquarians the ability to become great social reformers.

Many take their progressive ideas into broadcasting, or into the halls of academic life – since writing, researching, and experimenting come naturally to these gifted people.

That said, it is as inventors that they truly excel, often spotting the gap in the market, or recognizing the need for a product that will totally revolutionize our lives.

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In all types of relationships, Aquarians are sincere, loyal, and truthful. However, when it comes to showing their emotions, time and time again, it is apparent that they are simply not comfortable about laying their feelings bare.

This is because they tend to intellectualize their emotions, and as a result, they can appear cool and remote.

Yet despite this aloofness, deep down the Aquarian is an intensely caring person.

They make very good ‘shoulders to cry on as they are very good listeners. More often than not, they will be able to give considered and impartial reasoning.

When all is said and done, Aquarians, who tend to be quite anxious about an individual’s welfare and comfort, can make some of the most loving and caring partners one could ever wish to have.

In health, those born under this sign are particularly vulnerable to twisted ankles, sprains pull to the hamstrings, and damage to the muscles in the legs.

Psychologically, any form of restriction, whether mental or physical, is bad for these types, as they have a fear of being hemmed in.

Vigorous sports, such as running, pumping iron, or aerobic workouts are especially beneficial, particularly because sluggish circulation is another weakness associated with this sign. Exercise out in the fresh air is recommended for boosting circulation and toning the heart.

In money matters, the world of high finance and business holds no thrills for the majority of Aquarians, who prefer to save their income in secure deposit accounts.

On the rare occasion, they are taken, risks are usually thought through very logically first, thereby limiting the chances of disaster.

In general, Aquarians make their money through intellectual work, progressive ideas, or brilliant inventions.

Personality Keynotes

* Altruistic * Democratic * Humanitarian * Eccentric * Rebellious * Independent *
* Sincere * Inventive * Intelligent * Ingenious * Communicative * Lively *
* Witty * Emotionally detached * Unconventional *


* Symbol – Water Bearer
* Ruling Planet – Uranus
* Element – Air
* Colour – Electric Blue
* Flower – Snowdrop
* Stone – Amethyst
* Lucky Number – 6
* Lucky Day – Saturday

Aquarians Should

* Apologize when they’re in the wrong
* Avoid coming across as too detached

Aquarians Shouldn’t

* Be afraid of their feelings
* Automatically assume partners will tolerate an ‘open’ relationship