Virgo April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Time to get up close and personal with others and there is no room for superficiality or small talk. A time to dig and delve, even if uncomfortable. Long avoided issues get unearthed or intimate relationships or private transactions are explored.

The only certainties in life are change and endings, and this becomes very apparent now, but do bear in mind the phoenix out of the ashes syndrome. However, with a rather lucrative connection of Venus and the Sun with Jupiter in the first four days of the month, there may be some cause for financial celebration.

The solar eclipse of the 8th encourages you to face up to some devils, fears, and some behind-the-scenes financial transactions are highlighted for review for the better. Artistic subject matter needs depth of a very uneasy kind. From the 19th however a relief emerges and happy holidays call. Lucrative overseas issues are in the air and romance harmonizes, especially if in born any day up to September 11th.virgo 2019 horoscope


From April 12th 2019 your ruler Mercury moves direct, for which we are all grateful, bringing significant relief to any remaining financial blocks and communications about delicate matters, and also you will feel more able to successfully deal with tricky issues, whether sexual or fiscal.

Uranus has moved to the 8th and 9th degrees of your opposite sign of Pisces and this rare opposition (one in a lifetime) is now directly affecting those born September 1st to 3rd. The loose cannon, the curve ball, the left field are all phrases that can be attached to events in your life that emanate seemingly from others.

Quests for freedom are on the agenda for you and yours, probably more likely the latter. Give room to grow and allow the maverick and the iconoclast into your life to light your fire and liberate the hidden enlightenment within yourself. Those you meet now are more ships that pass in the night, than permanently moored.

Pluto is creating his own blends of challenge, but nonetheless he is bringing ultimate healing for those born September 15th to 18th. Domestic relationships, real estate matters and family issues are at the root. The quest is really for one of personal independence and authenticity and the desire to find your true power.

In order to do this you need to face the inevitability of fated changes and truncations. Go into the nether regions of your soul for real speedy execution of this journey, but do not steamroller, bully, coerce, or in any way abuse power; it will backfire.

Finally, the full Moon and lunar eclipse of April 24th 2019 of Scorpio directly implicates those born August 26th to 28th. Words received or given out will have rather fundamental impact and may well be of the uninhibited, but ultimately positive variety in their outcome.