Taurus April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

The period just prior to the birth of your new year or solar return (birthday, to the lay person) is about retreat, review and introspection, ready for a healthy and innovative re-launch as your numerical new year begins.

With Venus your ruler in your solar 12th house of retreat with the Sun until the April 19th 2019, privacy and clandestine pursuits in love and art serve you well, and inspiration is very deep, unconscious and intimate. However from the 19th when both Venus and the Sun make their simultaneous entrance into your sign, fanfares are heard, as you take your bow and grab the spotlight in so many ways.taurus 2019 horoscope


Mercury also moving forward thankfully from the 12th heralds the end of an approximately three-week period of isolation, alienation and confusion of thought. From that day, clarity and empathy from others seem to resume and finances look more forthcoming.

Those born up to May 9th should use the period after the 19th to think of personal regeneration physically and in style, when your artistic ventures capture the mood of others, and an improved love life or a spot of hedonism calls.

The solar eclipse on the April 8th 2019 may indeed bring up issues from the past that can be healed or taken advantage of. The unconscious will be at play for good, and as a valuable teacher, revealed vividly in visions and dreams.

Mars is still in uncooperative angle to your sign from Aquarius, but he does stir up challenge that needs to be risen to in a wise way, especially this month if born after April 29th.

Those who deem themselves to be an authority figure at work, even if you would question their validity, could overstep the mark in your book and rigid standoffs could result. Also do not be tempted to behave like the proverbial “bull in a china shop” in your public place, if you wish to avoid harmful confrontation.

A little assertion now can be an asset at work; but refusal to compromise can bring very bad publicity.

If born May 6th to 9th prepare to start a long chapter when you really do have to listen to your soul and your authenticity and to know that you can no longer keep on, keeping on, in the same old, same old, if the motivation has been less than profoundly from the heart.

The full Moon and the lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Scorpio on the 24th will mostly affect those born April 24th to 26th although all Taureans will feel a frisson of its influence. This is a day of showdown in relationships and a shakeout of necessary tensions, essential, even if uncomfortable. One cycle is closing so another can begin. Nature abhors a vacuum.