Scorpio April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

The combining of Venus and the Sun in Aries and then after April 19th 2019 in Taurus all month points to the need to rationalize and bring more harmony into your work environment until the 19th and thereafter you will find that these advantages work in your relationships.

Feng Shui your study, office or studio as your eye is brilliant, especially on the new Moon and solar eclipse of the 8th when “a ringing in of the new” is indicated. Also a new diet or health regime could get a fruitful start then.

Certainly your eye for beauty and harmony is all-pervasive in your working life and environment in the first three quarters of the month, so exploit, but know that only from April 12th 2019, when Mercury returns from his periodic bout of a seeming abandonment of duty, do you see things start to take shape as you would wish. Do not forget that Scorpios are perfectionists.
scorpio 2019 horoscope
After the April 19th 2019 romantic relationships can start to bloom and you can find yourself increasingly a magnet for love and admiration.

The 1st to 4th bring behind-the-scenes bonuses especially, and people from the past can bring distinct advantage, and also past good deeds start to seriously pay off.

Mars your co-ruler is being a little bothersome to all November-born Scorpios. There are rumblings in the hidden department of your soul (past anger and unresolved issues) and they may well be manifest on the domestic/family scene. Intractable energies (fixed signs) are the most lethal to lock horns with now (beware fellow Scorpios, Taureans, Aquarians or Leos).

Be magnanimous and healing, to win hearts and minds, although you could choose to be more typical of your sign, and be ruthless, but you risk long term enmity and not a little self-destruction, if you do. It has been said, and there is some truth in it, that “a Scorpion would rather sting itself to death, than forgo the pleasure of stinging”.

Uranus is now bringing the element of awakening surprise into the artistic style and predilection, and also in love and romance, to those born October 31st to November 3rd, and Neptune, if born November 8th to 11th, is bringing a sense of divine discontent, in some capacity, with life as it is. Your identity is morphing and ties are loosening, escape is beckoning and your heart is opening. However, remember that sacrifice may also very well be part of the picture, as your ego needs to be downgraded. How hard is that?

Listening endlessly to music or watching obsessively old movies may bring you solace and guidance if it is not too painful in terms of memory.

The lunar eclipse in your sign on the 24th should not be underestimated if born October 27th to 29th. Your soul is going to be exposed to some extent in uncontrollable manner, as your psyche is screaming out to be heard and for a new view of life to get a chance.