Sagittarius April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

This is a bumper, creatively inspired month when you are in a true Sagittarian, life-enhancing and celebratory mood. All to play for. This is all bound to last until the 19th at least, and an enormous amount of sense of joie de vivre, creative joy, recreational indulgence and not a little sexual drive is paramount, most obviously and noticeably if born December 2nd to 8th.

Note well the 1st to April 4th 2019 are days when luck and enjoyment can become possibly license for almost over-the-top behavior; but this is a rare old time, so don’t get all too cautious. Friends are also the source of much that is life enhancing.

The new Moon and solar eclipse on the 8th reinforces the mood, adding a dimension of creative and physical fertility that is considerable and brings great cause for reflection. However, with Mercury retrograde until April 12th 2019 don’t be surprised if others just don’t get it, until after that date.sagittarius 2019 horoscope


Mars is cooperative in ways that enhance your mood in communication skills. Exceptional mental insight is yours now and not a little convincing manner of delivery and this is true for all those born after November 30th.

Work issues for Sagittarians will start to run very smoothly and colleagues will really concur with your wishes and give you a sense of well-being from the 20th.

Uranus is creating some discomforting and erratic forms of mood swings for those born November 30th to December 3rd. Some unsettling feelings in the roots of your being point towards the gypsy in your soul demanding some honoring. Also, the rebel in you keeps taking over.

Unpredictable moods and events that are a catalyst to an unknown future are operating. This is going to be an interesting magical mystery tour in progress until summer 2006, so trust the destination will be good, despite the circuitous and experimental route.

Neptune, however, is bringing ease and inspiration and visionary talents to those born December 8th to 10th. For this group intuition is now a great twin to your intellect. Let photography, music and pictures in your mind take over, when words fail.

Pluto is still working in his once in a lifetime task of growing the souls of those born December 15th to 17th. Transformation through some pain and challenge is the message and the gift, but it will not really be seen for what it is until the end of 2006, so be patient, wise and humble and have the courage to look deeply into the pathologies around you, both yours and others for real understanding; and let your art meanwhile be your cathartic therapist.

The full Moon and lunar eclipse on April 24th 2019 of Scorpio will happen in a very private, behind-the-scenes way in your life.

The past will be a big factor for forcing the end of some sort of chapter in your life and you really should listen to your dreams, if you are lost for understanding of what is truly going on in your psyche.