Pisces April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Financial progress is supported now via your charm and via those who value your creative eye highly. The 1st to April 4th 2019 certainly can bring some serious windfall from others, but don’t expect, take for granted, or fritter gains.

The solar eclipse of the 8th makes you brave enough to go for gold in some capacity, either by purchase, investment or generosity. However be cautious and read the small print before the 12th, as the trickster Mercury is not offering huge financial support before then.

After the 20th writers, critics and journalists come into their own. Uranus has now reached the 8th and 9th degree of your sign, emphasizing the sense of adrenalin and restlessness, and the yearning for freedom and adventure in the souls of those born February 26th to March 1st.

There are also some very surprising events around in the ether, which by definition cannot be predicated. The surprises welcome or not, are life-changing for a reason. Enlightenment, advancement and awakening are the ingredients demanded.pisces horoscope 2019

Your work will need to reflect these qualities, and the activist, the agitator and the altruistic humanitarian will rise within you. Claustrophobia will be anathema to you, as will the same old, same old. You have been treading a certain treadmill for too long, and now you have to be kick-started into a new dimension.

However be aware that much that happens now is the force of karma. The past is now very catalytic to your present situation and changes.

Pluto is dealing a challenging card still to those of you born March 14th to 16th. It is a fine line between acknowledgement of your power and getting off on it, as it were.

Remember to stand always between being everything and nothing. A new identity takes time to accommodate, and by the end of next year you will have internalized it, with some humility, hopefully.

Mars in your solar 12th house now all month warns against seething internalized resentment and anger. It will do you no favors. If you feel you have a grievance, express it openly. Remember, internalized anger ends up as depression.

On the 13th and 14th when Mars combines with your ruler Neptune in your solar 12th house, be wary of paranoid delusions and a crazy imagination about others, but also note that your power for psychic healing is strong, and brings remarkable artistic manifestations that speak in a very soothing way to the collective.

Saturn meanwhile is still bringing solid, sure, if hard-working progress into the lives of all born March 11th to 13th. You are now in a situation to look back and reflect on how much you have achieved since last August.

The full Moon and lunar eclipse a of Scorpio on the April 24th 2019 can bring some surprising events from overseas and in academic matters. Though news may be unscheduled, accommodate it, as it is definitely about recognizing the start of a new chapter, looked for or not.