Libra April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

It is very busy in your relationship area. The Sun and Venus your ruler are there combined happily all month, tempting harmony, romance and affection from others. It is bread cast on waters no less, and probably justly deserved. You are also attracting exquisitely esthetically aware people.

Beauty is so important to you. Inspiration is not short and the solar eclipse on the 8th can certainly be a landmark point in the relationship stakes in life, especially if born October 12th to 14th. Truth can be told with healing results and new individuals line up for your real interest. The public are looking pretty enthusiastic too.

Mercury moving direct from April 12th 2019 further rubber stamps progress in communications and agreements, and people are finally listening.libra 2019 horoscope


Mars is adding a touch of assertion to your usual accommodating stance with productive results, and art of a heavy-duty variety will suit the mood. You are also more predatory than usual, more iron fist than velvet glove, but it is a very intelligent stance.

The 1st to 4th are outstanding days for love, romance, finances and popularity, and though it is from the 12th that you will see the full benefits, do not underestimate the power of lady luck to be at work for you then.

Those born October 3rd to 9th are most favored to receive this particular bonus. Sheer self indulgence and good times are also very much on the agenda then and popularity could be at an all time high.

Saturn however is telling a different story, temporarily and finally for those born October 19th to 22nd. You are now starting to see clearly that this has been a rather protracted lesson and period of sheer hard grind, but it has been necessary.

If you have been in the right direction with the right people, you may see the flag at the summit from where you know you will see a wonderful view. If mistaken in your goals, relationships and directions, the truth could be dawning and you need to act on your wisdom. Do not put off the principle of necessity.

If born October 16th to 18th then you need to keep benefiting from higher levels of consciousness which have been gracing you for some time. A healing transformation is yours now.

If born October 9th to 12th get used to a feeling of a touch of magic surrounding your artistic inspiration and your romantic life. This is going to last until 2007, so take time, do not rush into things, but know that you are truly allowed to fulfill a few dreams and fantasies.

The full Moon and lunar eclipse on the April 24th 2019 of Scorpio may bring the odd reality check about your finances and your value system — nothing serious, but a word to the wise.