Leo April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Far horizons call temptingly and worthily now, and professional and personal advantage can lie not parochially. Spiritually, geographically and academically you need to spread your wings, but all such issues are best experienced after the 12th when Mercury moves to minimize glitches in travel, et al.

However in the first four days when Jupiter is powerful, the urge for growth philosophically and metaphysically, may be strong and communing with those from other climes and cultures can seriously enlighten you.

Your communication gifts then are inspired and inspiring, and a combining of love and intellect can take you far. Great opportunities arising then may, however, have to be put on hold for a short while, till at least April 12th 2019 ,when old Mercury decrees that you can get the “go ahead.”

Courage, confidence, intuition and harmony underpin your being. However, as always in the cosmic web, there are flies caught up in it (or we would never learn). Currently, Mars in your opposite sign is stirring up hostile mood and plans from significant others, especially if born after July 30th.leo 2019 horoscope


Your head needs to be below the parapet and amour needs to be on, as the amount of slings and arrows aimed in your direction, will be in direct proportion to your past overstepping of the mark, or insensitive handling of others. We do learn from our enemies.

However there is always the very distinct possibility that bullies need to be recognized for what they are, and handled with intelligence, although they need to be told exactly what the score is. Honest and humbly realistic judgment of course is needed to discriminate between the former and the latter. Righteous indignation that you experience during this period should be the fruit of a clear conscience only.

Wisdom and handling others with excellent communications skills comes now to those born August 2nd to 8th. Writers, critics and journalists among you can only thrive.

A solar eclipse of April 8th 2019 benefits most of you in terms of the birth of the new. Specifically targeted are those born August 12th to 14th. New philosophies of life can be nurtured, and a literal journey then, can be a significant trigger to a life shift.

Neptune moving slowly but imperceptibly, insidiously and subtly, is meandering through Aquarius, your opposite sign and now has reached the 8th and 9th degree, and those born July 31st to August 3rd may feel that some subtle dissolving of ties are under way. Others are more elusive, and an element of the uncertain and unknown is at play, especially in relationships, no matter of what hue.

On the 13th and 14th when Mars combines with Neptune you tendency to be easily seduced is exaggerated and beware of seeing what you want to see in others. Selective perception is a danger then, but there is also a distinct possibility around that period of being truly inspired by someone, spiritually or esthetically. Just be discerning.

It is time to beware of the lure of glamour alone, and the intriguing and bewitching affect of others can be misleading. Creatively, however, there is little to fear and much to gain.

On the Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees of Scorpio on the 24th, which falls in your solar 4th house of roots, home and family, there may be a necessary purging of the old in terms of your domestic base of operations. Family/domestic tensions are volatile and eruptions from the roots of your being may take you by surprise, especially if born In the region of 26th-28th.

The important thing to remember about this Neptune transit is that it is tweaking your ideals and the soul’s hunger cannot be ignored. You need to follow your dreams and your soul, but keep grounded. Escapism, that you may feel, merely reflects heightened sensitivity. Let your art take the strain.