Gemini April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

With Venus and the Sun until the 19th in your solar house of friendship, group effort and favorite causes and projects, you can look forward to a glitzy social life and popular and successfully achieved goals. The solar eclipse on April 8th 2019 also points to a day of opportunities to fulfill a few dreams as a chapter gets launched.

Courage to pursue or start a dream is around. However with Mercury your ruler not cooperative until after the 12th you may have to wait a few days before you really believe it can happen.

From the 12th you are up and running and those infuriating disappointments, glitches and delays dissolve, and friends rally once more.

After April 15th 2019 when emphasis on Taurus starts to predominate ,be prepared to be a little more private and elusive, and spend time contemplating rather than being in your usual constant, often dissipated motion.


Jupiter is currently being a good mate to you, especially now for those born May 31st to June 6th. On the 2nd-4th, when Jupiter is opposed by the Sun and Venus, there are indications of serious social overdrive and extravagance and not a little luck.gemini 2019 horoscope

Friends can prove their worth, but also tempt excess. All month powerful creative urges get outlet and fulfilled. Extroversion is underscored and your vibrancy is attracting love and recreational invitations. The creative font is indeed overflowing. Travel can also be extra successful and opportunistic too. Luck and preparations (essential for luck to work) combine well also.

Mars is similarly well disposed to your energy, especially focusing on academic, travel and international interests, and indeed legal interests too, particularly so for all born after May 29th.

Courage and intelligent instincts and actions dominate. In fact on the 8th and 9th if born June 3rd to 5th you have no excuse not to pull off a bit of a coup.

Neptune is bringing a new visionary order to the lives of those born June 6th to 9th. His current trine to your Sun (lasting on and off until 2019) prompts a new, intrinsic esthetic sense and the visual world gets sharper and the world of photography, film and music may increasingly impinge.

Inspiration from travel and the sea will grow. There is also the opportunity for the flowering of a new spiritual sense and values. The brain will increasingly need to listen to the heart conscientiously. Logic won’t be so important. Sorry, this may seem sacrilege to you rational souls, but remember that whereas the heart can change the mind; the mind can rarely change the heart.

Pluto is still demanding some meltdown for those born June 14th to 17th. You probably know by now what challenges are forcing some uncomfortable growth and demanding humility, if you are wise.

The lunar eclipse on the April 24th 2019 may prompt a need to reconsider working methods and the values of some colleagues, and indeed the value of your current health lifestyle.