Capricorn April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Domestic focus calls and the need to confront some core issues combined with compassion for self is in the air. No hair shirts or self-flagellation are allowed, despite it being a rather knee-jerk response that you goats happily take on board.

The Sun and Venus combine all month however to bring a rare self-indulgence and self-gratification to your life and also there are benefits from the spiritual and material inheritance that have acquired from your familial roots.

Later in the month, love life becomes rather blessed too, and confidence to create is also combined with a huge upsurge of talent.

The new Moon and solar eclipse of the 8th can bring some issues to the surface that allow you to ask yourself what you really want and are you really being you? But don’t bet on the answers of your questions to start to roll until the 12th at the least.
capricorn 2019 horoscope
If born January 11th to 13th, Saturn is demanding his pound of flesh. It seems he is disguised, not very heavily, in the shape of those with whom you have close alliances. Whether this is for good or ill is still a moot point.

However the jury should not still be out on this one, and you are about to be liberated from a learning curve that has been going on from last August.

It seems that now the die is cast. You are, or will be, a stronger person with a better infrastructure as a result of what you have experienced. Remember that no good sailor was tutored on a calm sea.

Jupiter however is being supportive and compensating in career. You are on a high, but do not be complacent. Heaven forbid, a Capricorn should be complacent! Swift nemesis will follow. This will be very true now if born January 1st to 6th.

It is true that for many of you, the 1st to the 4th will indeed be fabulous days, but only if you know that they are in but a wonderful, restful and rewarding oasis in the middle of a more long-term climb.

On the 13th and 14th do beware financial deception or delusion when Mars combines with Neptune in Aquarius in your solar 2nd house. However some intuition could bring financial rewards then too, if justly deserved.

Certainly Uranus is bringing a genius streak to those born December 29th to January 1st. Eureka moments are worth exploiting and the alternative wisdoms of life (one of which is astrology) could be a significant stepping-stone in progress, if you take notice.

The full Moon and lunar eclipse of April 24th 2019 can bring some eruptions and revolutions in friendships and the need to recognize a change of value system and goals. This could be explosive but is also guaranteed to be long-term productive.