Cancer April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Focus on your solar 10th house now directs your energies to career and public reputation, which can be a rather shining one currently. Even a little sycophancy is in order possibly before the 19th. After the 19th you can relax into a more easygoing, authentically you-type model of behavior and enjoy some extremely pleasurable social times.

Friends are loving, warm and can bring some magnificent opportunities.

Also, at least from April 12th 2019 when Mercury gets under conventional way, confusions and misunderstandings get cleared and career blocks dissolve. Those that you work with seem to start to understand your language.

However, let us not forget that those with birthdays July 12th to 15th have some serious reality checks still dogging them, and life is a rather difficult business. Energy is low and the flow is not seemingly in your direction.cancer 2019 horoscope


Challenging partners are actually teachers to this group now, and some may have taught you their last lesson before you finally give them the heave-ho; or they give you notice to quit. At the very best they may enforce a more secure regime that benefits you both. Only you know what the valid situation is.

The new Moon and solar eclipse of the 8th, important for all of us, but particularly for you, as the Moon is your own ruling planet, can be an advantageous period in career, when the new gets peeked at.

If you have indeed been contemplating a new job, it may now become a proactive event for you, but it could also be after April 12th 2019 when real progress manifests, when that mischievous Mercury resumes good behavior. It could also bring some progress in domestic situations.

Uranus is bringing some real out-of-your-box enlightenment if born end of June or very early July, and the source could be metaphysical, spiritual, academic or multi-cultural. The experimenter in you needs to rise like a phoenix.

Technology, the maverick and the cutting edge are definitely osmotically diffusing into your life and work. Liberation from old knee-jerk stuff is also at hand.

Jupiter continues to tempt to over-expansion and over-confidence and a touch of arrogance if born July 1st to 8th, as he did indeed last November and December. Reflect back and try and learn from mistakes.

Don’t push past the point of success, and try and spend money with only need in mind, rather than want. Career and domestic/real estate progress can be excellent if you do not forget humility, and recognize the danger of overreaching, in the first 5 days of the month.

Your ruler the Moon is particular active this month and indeed is in lunar eclipse mode on the April 24th 2019 Scorpio. For many of you and especially if born June 25th to 27th, the writing may be on the wall in a particular dalliance and some creative projects will definitely have run their course by then.

It is also a time when repressed feelings and instincts and past-their-sell-by date situations get exploded into the ether.