Aries April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

This is a new year starting for many of you and with a solar eclipse in your sign on the April 8th 2019 and with Venus conjunct the Sun for the month this couldn’t augur better. On the 8th many of you will very much feel a desire to have change and transformation, particularly visually. You will feel personally in flux. Change for the new is overdue.

This energy will be particularly apparent if born April 8th to 10th. Also the Sun conjunct Venus will give you an extra helping of esthetic appreciation, fondness from others and also a sense of great well-being which will draw people to you.

Because there is simultaneously with the solar eclipse a rather ominous square from Venus to Saturn, it may well be that plans and decisions are made then, rather than an immediate focus of action.

On the 24th when there is a full Moon and lunar eclipse, the next chapter of these plans and feelings are likely to manifest, and the implications of this continuing saga will be for decisions connected to relationship to others who are close to you and for your sexual self.

You will all be relieved to know that Mercury turns direct in your sign on the 12th, giving the green light to move swiftly ahead on plans and activities that have been paralyzed for the last three weeks or so. Real estate matters will get kick-started too. A sense of personal frustration, clumsiness and carelessness will also recede for many.aries 2019 horoscope


Up to the April 19th 2019, Venus, your relationship planet, is traversing the Suns exactly of those born after April 2nd. For this group of Aries a period of maximized romantic and artistic opportunity can be expected.

Jupiter is well-disposed to Aries currently in terms of relationships, bringing expansion and protection in the area of significant others, whether they be personal or professional. It also brings a cosmopolitan influence very happily into your life, particularly from others.

It is at its maximum strength currently for those born March 30th to April 5th. In fact between the 2nd and 4th, when Venus and the Sun oppose Jupiter, there is a great upswing in cosmic energy to bring at the least enormous self-indulgence in relationship with others and at best a tremendous and a rather rare ability to move emotional and artistic matters very much in a desired direction.

However, with Mercury retrograde until the 12th there may be more positive developments going on behind-the-scenes than you can fully understand or grasp.

On the 11th and 12th Venus trines to Pluto and sparks a real transformational energy in connection to overseas matters; and inspiration and appreciation of beauty is extra heightened, giving it a healing feel.

From the April 19th 2019 when Venus moves into Taurus, sexual issues become a theatre of growth.

Your militaristic ruler Mars remains in Aquarius bringing intelligent energy, and working with others brings out your leadership abilities, especially if born after March 28th. Altruistic feelings reign in confluence with romantic intrigue and creative surges, especially obvious on April 13th and 14th, when Mars conjuncts the idealistic and inspired Neptune.

Those born April 7th will be really inspired then, to the nth degree and can create exquisite beauty.

Do not however let us forget that Saturn is still in discordant relationship to your sign and is still bringing tricky situations for those born April 9th to 12th, particularly on the domestic and career front.

Reality checks are loud and clear and there is still work to be completed in this department. This is the last chapter of stress and strain and what you are beginning to see now, is the real meaning of this particular cosmic learning curve. The greatest allies you have, even if you are not too keen on them, are patience, long-term focus and deferred gratification.