Aquarius April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

All Aquarians have fascinating insights based on a naturally, intuitive understanding of the big picture, and there is a great objective detachment about what they observe.

This April 2019, at least until the 19th, you can truly combine this with huge esthetic sensibility into whatever artistic medium is your thing, and with Neptune also in your sign, you are doubly able to convey your vital insights through any venue you choose.

Those born February 4th to 7th are now feeling the huge magnetic pull of Neptune in his once every 156-year visitation to your sun degree of your sign. He is quite simply adding a mystical dimension to your already occult wisdom.

The pull of sea, music, film and photography, not to mention your heartfelt ideology, if in your destiny, is now calling stronger than ever before.aquarius 2019 horoscope


Mars in your sign now is also certainly giving you the courage, push, determination, ambition and energy to grab a piece of whatever you want or need, and on the 13th and 14th when Mars and Neptune combine, those born February 4th to 6th are totally infused with courageous vision.

The only caveat is that one should beware of self-glory, falling for false gurus and selective perception. This group for several years has life-changing energy that is redemptive through a meltdown of old identity and the building of a new.

This is about the uncovering and the honoring of the heart and soul, no less, and will show in relationships, work, art and beliefs. Any insecurity felt now and over the next few years will be based purely on the loss of old validity and landmarks. Remember that metamorphosis is going to demand trust that the cosmic trade winds are going to blow you to a correct destination.

Jupiter is seriously now the friend of all those born January 31st to February 5th and is most eager to help those whose eyes are focused on travel or overseas issues, or metaphysical and academic growth. The world of litigation seems also to be rather friendly to you too.

The first four days of the month bring real intellectual insights and advantageous overseas issues.

The solar eclipse on the 8th marks a turning point of some sort, and though challenging, the clock has undeniably struck. However with Mercury not cooperating until the 12th it could be from that date that all becomes clearer, and less fraught with a few random hiccups.

If born January 22nd to 24th, Chiron is hovering over your Sun. This would imply that some wounds from the past are being gently opened or tweaked through necessity, to help you see some truths about yourself and life, and indeed, in the process, have a greater compassion for others and the human condition.

The full Moon and lunar eclipse of April 24th 2019 in Scorpio may be rather a disruptive affair for you. Career issues and authority figures go somehow off your plan and their reactions and issues are not in your script. Some truths need to be faced that demand humility and essentially a philosophical attitude.

All those of you born between February 12th and 14th have Pluto continuing to encourage leadership potential, self-empowerment and self-belief, enabling you to make a big difference when the cause is for the greater good. This particular gift is with you until the end of 2018.