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Will your planets be auspicious in love, finance, health or work? What will be the most favorable time of the year? Consult your free 2024 horoscope to find out the year’s trends and possibly major changes in your love or professional life—access situation analyses for the natives of each zodiac sign.

2024 Astrology: 10 Most Important Dates To Keep In Mind Next Year

  • Jupiter in Taurus until May 26, 2024.
  • Jupiter in Gemini between May 25, 2024, and Jun 9, 2025
  • Mercury retrogrades in Leo from August 5 to August 29, 2024. M
  • Venus enters Libra on September 18, 2024.
  • Mars enters Gemini on July 12, 2024.
  • Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius from June 30 to October 15, 2024.
  • Uranus retrogrades in Taurus from January 24 to August 12, 2024.
  • Neptune retrogrades in Pisces from July 18 to December 28, 2024.
  • Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn from April 29 to October 8, 2024.
  • Chiron retrogrades in Sagittarius from June 19 to December 28, 2024.
  • The North Node retrogrades in Taurus from January 28 to August 12, 2024.
  • Jupiter retrograde in Gemini between October 9 and February 4

2024 Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign


2024 will start off slower than most Aries will want. You will have to reaffirm your commitment toward the future. Preparation work is still needed, along with some patience. By March, your horizon starts to look much brighter.

New opportunities will come to you. You simply need to be ready for them. This is not sudden luck, but a reward for the efforts you have already made. It is a break through year with a good chance for a move, a promotion, a new home, a new member of the family, or some personal advancement. Fortune smiles on you this year. Make the most of it!

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Taurus :

According to the yearly horoscope, 2024 will be difficult year for most Taureans. You will have to do much that you don’t want to do, like work! This is a good year to get serious and to carry your own financial weight. However, it will not be a good year for taking major risks.

Success will come through small accomplishments rather than large ones. It will be better for you to hold on to your responsibilities. Try to control your anger and your impulses to quit! Some regular income will be much better than none!

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Gemini :

Next year will be a time when untruths that you have been harbouring will be thrown back in your face. This will not be an easy year for but it has some really positive potentials. You will encounter some opposition and personal frustration.

You would be better off not forcing issues this year. If something good is going to happen it will happen spontaneously as a natural result of hard work. The more you complain or cast blame the further away from good opportunities you will get.

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Cancer :

In 2024, the weight of the world will fall off of the backs of Cancers who have been so serious and under pressure for the last two years. Finally, the dark clouds are lifting. This promises to be a very productive year with little or no direct adversity.

New opportunities are arising for you. The challenge will be trusting yourself enough to take your time to make the right decisions. Exaggerating could get you in trouble if you gamble, but if you align with good people, good things will result.

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Leo :

2024 will be a difficult year for Leos. It will be hard to maintain your own sense of self esteem. It is as if Murphy’s Law has taken over. You will have trouble finding reliable people. If you are not reliable yourself then you will deserve the chaos that will follow.

This is not a good year for big adventures although you will probably be tempted. If you set yourself up, you will not be able to maintain your position. You can succeed in small ventures that help others or have humanitarian goals. Try not to rely on others more than is necessary.

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Virgo :

Virgos will be seeing things more clearly. The misunderstandings of last year will fall away. This will be a very productive year and it will not demand excessive effort from you. Yes you will have to make certain that you are living cleanly and honestly.

Dishonesty if indulged in, will block progress. This is a good year to not worry, be happy and go with the positive flow. Taking on responsibilities and making commitments will will open doorways to success.

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Libra :

Life is steadily improving for most Libras in 2024. Your social life is picking up as it becomes easier to meet people. In fact, people are going to go out of their way to meet you. Your past has been left behind. There is no going back, just forward …. and there is light on the horizon.

Some of you born towards the end of Libra are still impeded by unreliable dreams and desires. It is not wrong to dream. Just don’t expect others to live up to your dreams. They have their own. Avoid making big promises. Keep your deeper thoughts away from frivolous people. Learn to let go!

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Scorpio :

In 2024 Scorpios will encounter a lot of aggression, a lot of restrictions, and a lot of confusion. This will be a complicated year filled with mixed signals. If you avoid responsibilities you will attract unreliable people. If you align with unreliable people you will get in trouble.

If you force your will on others it will back fire. The pressure is on and you will want to escape, however this is not a good year to set big dreams in motion. You will be better off keeping busy and maintaining your responsibilities, rather than running from them. Success will come through sincerity and modest adventures.

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Sagittarius :

As per the 2024 horoscope, most Sagittarians will have their life go from good to down right lucky. Yes you will have to stand up strongly for what you believe in, but so what! It is a good thing to do. As you diminish the misunderstandings and subsequent dependencies developed last year, new opportunities will present themselves to you. Any opportunity to travel or to increase the circle of your activities is likely to meet with success. This is a year when you will be able to pick up speed. Don’t slow down!

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Capricorn :

2024, which, according to Chinese astrology, will also be the Year of the Dragon, for Capricorns, will be a relatively smooth and steady year. There is not much likelihood of any major shocks or disruptions. This will be a practical year when most things will work out as planned.

Responsibilities will be dealt with easily. Someone might challenge your understanding, but if you maintain a responsible position, you will, in time, be proven correct. There is no need to rush into any new ventures. It is more important that gradual progress is made.

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Aquarius :

2024 will be another year of new visions and exciting changes. This will not be a comfortable year but rather one filled with alterations. People will come into your life as a catalyst, precipitating some radical change and then moving on.

You must move with the need for new innovations. However, every new idea will require a lot of hard work and effort to keep up with. If you cannot responsibly ground the new directions, they will be like castle made of sand, blowing in the wind! It is not how much is changing that matters, but how much of it you can cope with and integrate.

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Pisces :

2024 will be a productive year for most Pisceans. It will start out on a lucky note with good opportunities surrounding you.Take advantage of these opportunities right away.

This is a year when you must progress along lines that you have already started on. You have to prove that you can produce results. It should not be difficult for you, but it will require a little more maturity and a better time plan.

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The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love in 2024

Whether or not you’ve found your soulmate, it won’t hurt to know what the stars have in store for you in 2024. You’ll find out if your sign is among the three luckiest in love next year or if the relationship you’re in is doomed to fail.


You’ll start 2024 more optimistic and should do everything you can to give your relationship another chance. Nothing can stop you if you really want something, and on this occasion you will also test your partner’s intentions.

You need to be in full control of your impulsive reactions and try to be more understanding, it’s the only way to get the right results.


Next year you will have the opportunity to find a stable partner. However, you will most likely encounter some problems with him as you get to know him better.

There will be tensions in the family and you won’t be able to resolve them quickly. Tensions will disappear very late, without much input from you.

If you’ve been in a serious relationship for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ll get a marriage proposal.


According to the 2024 love horoscope, it’s time to make a change in your love life. You’ll fall in love quickly, all you have to do is open up to your deep feelings and not be afraid of disappointment.

If you’re in a stable relationship, it’s very important to keep your family out of professional or financial matters.