2017 Pisces love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Neptune and Uranus urge you to fight for the freedom to do your own thing. Pluto radically alters your career aims, so Fishes should be prepared to swim in several career directions. Pluto provides you with the willpower to build something lasting.

When it comes to love, Jupiter and Saturn emphasize communication, but more in the mundane, verbal realm than in the intimate, unspoken realm. In your private moments, one partner needs to be more decisive, and the other less evasive, to make sure the two of you get together.

Jupiter helps harmonize this sharing relationship in June. If your union should begin to go awry, Jupiter could help improve conditions. Although your bond of love may always remain mysterious, it thrives on honest relating.

If you’re looking for love, tenderhearted Neptune, in your twelfth house of the unconscious, keeps you away from the glitter and flash as you focus on meaningful relations that will really go somewhere.