virgo 2017 horoscope

Virgo 2017 horoscope

You can look ahead to a year of progress and growth. Your career graph is gradually scaling upwards and you will be able to meet your targeted growth earlier than what you had envisaged.

Business people will work out new strategies to improve their profitability in that they will have the support of an efficient team and the backing of some influential people or group. Industrial production and marketing and trading will expand simultaneously into a wide area of operations.

Those in exports or imports will have a profitable tie-up with international group that itself will suffice to achieve a major breakthrough in their field of activity. The employed will do exceptionally well and their stock will rise in the employment circle. There will be several tempting offers coming along and most of you will feel inclined to seek a change. This is a favourable year for moving ahead and joining a larger group to further improve your career prospects. There will be a burning desire to immigrate to a foreign country and most of you will put in your papers for processing. These will be scrutinized positively and you can make plans to move overseas sometime around September/October this year. Some of you will receive job offers with an overseas placement and that will be the beginning of your plans to settle abroad for good.

Home and family life will be happy and congenial. There will be perfect accord between the parents and children that help keep the atmosphere cheerful. The married will have good understanding though your mate may occasionally feel neglected due to your pre-occupation with work and the time devoted to your family and relatives. Those married for over twelve years should not rest complacent in their personal relationship for their mate, who may be a romantic, does feel the need to be loved and occasionally pampered, as may have been the case during the earlier days of your courtship. Though there will be no major problem but your sweetheart is likely to get drawn to a close friend of yours who seem to pay right compliments and converses with your mate on the subjects dear to her/him. That should be enough for you to reorganise your life to suit the needs of a happy love relationship.

Students will have a wonderful academic year in that they will score distinctive grades in their exams. Some of you are certain to pursue higher studies and that too in foreign universities. Those doing accounts, management or engineering have an excellent job opportunities ahead and they will get selected even while they are in their final academic year. Sports persons, especially those grooming for professional sports, will do very well in college games or state level competitions.

Your health will be generally good throughout this year. Seniors may suffer from minor problems like indigestion or flatulence. Eating certain variety of diet and abstaining from spicy and junk food can check this. Some of you will begin to put on weight and that is quite normal and should not be the cause to worry. Just remain happy and cheerful and you will find you have to complaints regarding your weight or health.


Saturn is in your 11th House of Friends all year (and well into next year). You are in a period where the Cosmos is forcing you to reorganise and reorder your friendships. Social house cleaning is as important as physical house cleaning when the time comes. Being surrounded by the wrong kind of friends is not a healthy thing. So this whole area of life needs to be put into order. Many friendships will be tested this year. The really good ones will survive but the lukewarm ones will probably end. A good thing, too. You’ll learn that it is better (and healthier) to have a few good friends than hordes of low-quality ones. So this is a year for focusing on quality rather than quantity.

A principle to help guide you. In astrology, the definition of a friend is someone who wishes (and supports) your fondest hopes and wishes. It is also someone who is on your mental wavelength. There must be mental interests that you share in common. If you apply these tests to your friends, you’ll know pretty soon who is who and what is what.

Many of you will need to work harder in group kinds of activities. Group activities are important this year but there are many lessons to be learned. Though you must put the good of the group ahead of your personal good, you are not a slave of the group but a valued member and when group interests are not threatened, you have a right to your own individuality.