The lucky zodiac signs of 2018

lucky 2017 zodiac signs

2018 will be a year in which Jupiter, one of the most benevolent planets, will have a very important and outstanding transit. Along with the bonanzas, the development and the expansion some signs will be well affected by this planet that promises great events. The astrologer, Susy Forte, anticipates how the planetary influences will be for next year:

Jupiter is one of the most benevolent planets, which will bring boom, expansion, progress, opportunities. It is the teacher who gives. The key: avoid the risk of being too optimistic and rest on your laurels.

Aries: It will be a very important year. Venus enters the 3rd of February and will be until June 6, more than usual. A great opportunity to rebuild your love life.

-Taurus: good beginning for love and to establish new goals or changes with respect to the yearnings. Venus will be present from June 7 to July 7. An ideal year to recompose work life and to advance economically. There may be changes with respect to the profession and progress.

– Gemini: a stage to recompose the affective life. Thanks to the opposition of Saturn throughout 2017 comes the maturity in the way to approach their relations. Venus enters the sign on July 6 and remains until the end of the month.

-Cancer: health care. The body will speak clearly. Much demand in the workplace, but there are harvest of achievements. It is an ideal year to solve fund issues in the family and work environment.

-Leo: the year for love begins very well. A stage of great maturity and learning. The leoninos put their feet in the ground and manage to take advantage of all their talents.

-Virgo: it is a sign that usually idealizes and projects. Venus comes to heal everything that has to do with love and relationships. A very important year in terms of economics. Jupiter, the great beneficiary enters the area of ​​finance, so it is a good year to find new sources of income and take a quantum leap in finance.

-Libra: this is the year of libra.One of the most benefited in 2017. There is a stage of much learning for this sign.

-Escorpio: the year begins with a lot of intuition and creativity. In 2017 they find what they really like and motivates them. Attention to the economy because they are usually contradictory in finance. Very affectionate the loving, creative part and the sector of the children. In the second half of the year, Jupiter enters the sign with which it will bring good omens.

-Sagittarius: Saturn, the great master of the Greeks. When Saturn arrives the hour arrives. It is time to solve hidden realities and face a stage of maturity, to begin to take care of certain things that were kept under the carpet. An ideal time to put your feet on the ground.

-Capricorn: beware of being unwieldy. They are usually armored and very structured. On January 8 Mercury enters retrograde. January is a great month to plan, organize the year and do good business. Advances in the economy and plans new steps to follow. Many Capricorns will start projects on their own.

-Acuario: travel augurs. February is an important month for the sign. Great year for very specific objectives. In the social sphere, it may be the most affected part. They move away from certain friendships, but others appear. Beware of the economy. Unexpected expenses in the home.

-Piscis: comes from a time of a little bit of confusion, but a lot of activity. in relation to love begins a new and very good time for the piscianos.

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