Taurus 2017 horoscope

You will have to work hard to achieve your career goals during the next twelve months. There are likely to be several obstacles making the going rather difficult most of the year. However, you are known for your perseverance and practical wisdom and this will enable you to circumvent and avoid some of major hurdles that come along.

You will have to tread a lonely path for there will few who will be worthy of trust and more than likely your colleagues and associates are the ones to let you down.

The employed should endeavour to hold on to their jobs much against odds that block their promotion or further growth in their organisation. Giving in to despair and reacting to provocation at work by quitting the jobs will make further problems for them. There may not be any alternative job coming along for a long time. Sincerity to work and patience will help you to go through this difficult phase that will begin to ease out by around September/October. Business people will also find their monies getting blocked in supposedly a prestigious assignment that goes into a tailspin. This should not bring a panic response but they should try to workout a compromise arrangement with the opposite party averting a major loss. In other words the planetary trend appears to corner you into making mistakes that shows that you are yourself responsible for any misfortune that befalls you this year. Understanding the array of negative forces you should guard yourself from making avoidable mistakes and that will help combat the unfavourable forces.

Home and family life will improve this year and the married who may have had problems in the past or were separated will resolve their differences and have a happy reunion. In fact at times you may begin to feel that perhaps your devoting more time to your mate, sweetheart or family is the cause of major upsets on the career front. Contrarily it would be a happy and peaceful and supportive atmosphere at home that will give you the strength to face problems in your career and business. The divorcees desirous of giving themselves another chance to settle down in matrimony will meet someone more loving, caring and responsible. Marriage is quite likely towards the end of the year. Youngsters will find someone charming getting attracted towards them that will be difficult to resist. Romance this person of the opposite sex has the making of a lasting and happy relationship. Though they may not yet be able to decide on marriage due to unsettled situation in their career, they will be willing to make commitment that they will abide.

Students will have a tough year and they will be required to work harder for their exams. They are advised to take special classes or coaching to strengthen the subjects that they are weak in. This is not the time to feel overly confident for they could be taken in by surprise when they take their tests or exams. Selective studying and overlooking something they consider irrelevant will be a cardinal mistake that could cost them dearly. Those completing their studies and scanning the job market will find the situation a bit discouraging. They should look for something great considering their academic record for the market trends demands compromise on accepting any job.

Your health will be generally good and the hard and tough going on most fronts that keeps you on the move most times will make sure that you remain fit. You should guard against falling into despair and depression, especially if the matters remain unresolved in your career and business. A high morale and the spirit to fight all odds will not only help you to remain mentally alert and physically healthy, but may also help in overcoming obstacles in all spheres of life.


Like last year, this is a period for improving your mind and your ability to communicate. The mind is like a wild horse. A powerful beast. You must ride it and not vice versa. If it is not trained it will take you into all kinds undesirable spaces. So this is a year for mind training, for learning deep and methodical thought, for subjecting your ideas and logical processes to a reality check. If you don’t do this, others will certainly do it for you.

Students will need to work harder these days. One part of the problem is that there are so many parties, fun times to be had. There are too many distractions. You need to buckle down and focus. The other part of the problem is that you will probably encounter teachers who are demanding most probably from good motives.