scorpio 2017 horoscope

Scorpio 2017 horoscope

You will be full of optimism and surge ahead in the pursuit of career goals. Success is assured to you in almost every endeavour or venture you undertake during the course of this year.

Financial stability will be achieved and some of you will now seek avenues that could bring you into public limelight. Business people from any industry or trade will make forays into the media and seek publicity to lend force to their business enterprise as well as for gaining personal recognition.

There is distinct thrust for overseas business like exports/imports or even working towards international trade tie-up with a view to expanding business. Some of will frequently travel abroad to get business or even to set-up a retail outlet or open an office to facilitate your growth in the international market. The employed will do very well this year and even those of you who may have joined in a junior level will get elevated to position of importance that gives them an opportunity to grow. Those keen to work overseas will get suitable offers and they will get settled in foreign country for good.

Home and family life will remain under the cloud most of this year. The married who were having problems in their relationship will either get separated, or if they are married for long, then accept their situation and lead an independent life of their own. This may not be the best of arrangement for it could harm their image in certain influential circle, especially if they happen to be well known socially. The prevailing tensions at home will keep the atmosphere charged and parents and the elders in the family will be unhappy with the entire set-up. However, the planetary configuration for most of you seems to make you helpless under such circumstances with no solution in sight in the near future. Youngsters will be getting to know someone intimately but their relationship will be a stormy affair.

Those eligible and keen to settle down in matrimony will receive proposals that may not get concluded in favour.
Students will have to work hard for the studies for they have tough times ahead. However, they will eventually do very well and may even get distinctions in their forthcoming exams. Sports persons are very much in luck and will win in most competitive games. If keen to take professional sports you will get the right training and can look forward to a brilliant career.

Your health will be generally good except for those above the age of 40 who may have some abdominal complaints that may require regular visit to a specialist. Those of you keen to lose weight or develop their body and muscles will get excellent results after working out in a gym regularly. Generally the year is favourable for physical activity and health that will keep you fit and sprightly and in turn positive despite the problems that you may have in your personal life.


We discussed the need to decouple ego and finance. This is very important. It will save you a lot of grief. Though a good sense of self-confidence is important, it should never come from how much money you have or the size of your investment portfolio. These will always change sometimes up and sometimes down. You are a being who transcends all these vagaries. You should enjoy the wealth that you have but not define yourself that way. You are much more than that.

This is also a year for getting serious about your higher education, religion and personal philosophy of life. University students (and those applying for university) have to work a lot harder in the year ahead. Success in study will come but only through perspiration.

Even if you are not a student, your faith, your religious beliefs, your view of life is getting tested. This can happen in many ways. You get exposed to books that are diametrically opposed to what you thought was true, that challenge your religious beliefs or philosophical principles. Events could happen in life that challenge your beliefs. You could meet a teacher or mentor who challenges your beliefs and worldview. You are going to be forced to reorder, restructure and reorganise this area of life. A good thing, too for your personal religion (some refer it to it as your ‘personal myths’) affects your life more profoundly than your love life or psychology. It impacts on every area of life but this kind of reorganisation doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process. You will have to study, think, ruminate and meditate. Many old ideas will get discarded or modified. You will emerge with a stronger, more realistic, more solid perspective on life.