sagittarius 2017 horoscope

Sagittarius 2017 horoscope

You can look forward to a year of spectacular changes and growth. The jinxed of the past few years will get broken and you will surge ahead in your job and business.

The employed will get favourable offers from large organisations with a promise of handsome pay packet and other perks. Any job or work that relates to travel, marketing, liaison work, banking, advertising and technology sector will have immense scope for rapid growth.

Youngsters who are staring out in their career this year will get to work in organisation of repute under highly trained professionals that will give them good initial training. Business people will receive loans to tidy over their past debts and begin anew. This will help them now to concentrate on their work and the progress they make from now onwards will enable them to clear off all their past debts if any. Some of you will look towards overseas market for setting up imports trade that may have great potential in the domestic market. You may well have some remarkable idea in a new business that could very well set off a trail of additional opportunities for others. You should endeavour to work independently for joint venture and partnership will not last and will result in setback. The existing joint ventures may also be heading towards dissolution.

Home and family life will settle down peacefully and there will be harmonious understanding between parents and children. The married will enjoy good and healthy relationship with their mate interacting pleasantly with relatives and friends. Youngsters will be busy with their friends and social life but may miss the excitement of romance. There will be occasions when they will get attracted to someone but may not receive any encouraging response. They may have to wait for a more opportune phase that is a bit long way to come.

Students will have a successful year. Younger students between the ages 14 to 18 will excel in their studies this year. Those appearing for their final year, especially in the field of accounts, commerce or business management will do exceptionally well that will open several opportunities for jobs. It would be better to take up employment in the beginning than attempting to set up an independent venture. The planets indicate growth in jobs for business venture at this juncture may face hurdles. Sports persons will do very well and win a couple of prizes at competitions.

Your health will be generally good and you will enjoy a healthy appetite. The good news for those on the heavy side in weight is that favourable planetary positions this year will help them reduce weight without having to put any restrictions on their diet or eating habits.

Overall it is a very good year especially for those who may have had a long spell of struggle thus far.


The main area of improvement in the year ahead and this has been a trend for many years involves your body, image and personal appearance.

As mentioned, a whole new you is being born and childbirth is never easy. Many are having the ‘born again’ experience. Many are not only changing their image but the concept of who they think they are. Many are even changing their names, some by means of numerology and others because of a guru.
In many cases, when Pluto is in the 1st House, there is cosmetic-type surgery. The desire is to affect quick and radical change. This might be an option for some of you but is not the best option. The message of your chart is clear. Affect transformation by spiritual means. Pluto, after all, is your Spiritual Planet. Yoga, the right diet, herbology, Alexander Technique, Feldenkries method, meditation and visualisation are the best ways for you. (There are many other techniques, too numerous to mention.)

True, these methods work more slowly. Change is cumulative and progressive but they have a much deeper impact. You change from within and the outer form of your body just naturally changes. Keep in mind, however, that this process is rarely ever pretty and you will have to confront many areas of unconsciousness within. The passions, thought patterns, animosities, grief and pain that hold you back start getting flushed out and while this is happening it is not pleasant. If you understand the process, you will go through it much more easily.

While transformation is happening it is normal to feel like you are ‘dying’. Indeed, parts of you are dying but this process is not about death but about rebirth. After the so-called death comes resurrection. The caterpillar dies and the beautiful butterfly is born. The butterfly has nothing in common with the caterpillar. It is only when the butterfly is born and living its exalted life that it understands why the trials and travails of the caterpillar were necessary. Keep the faith. Onward and upward.