pisces 2017 horoscope

Pisces 2017 horoscope

It will be a slow start to progress and growth during the next twelve months. You may have had a few problems in your career and business during the last couple of months that are now gradually being resolved.
You will soon come to grips with these hurdles and find suitable ways to clear all obstacles in your path to success. The employed will get a fresh offer that they have been anticipating for long.

You can now start afresh and will get ample opportunities to display your skill and prowess in your field of specialisation. Some of you will work for multinationals and will be sent abroad for training or even get posted overseas for a period of two years. Business people will wind up their loss making units and set up a new enterprise that has the potential for growth. You are advised to work independently for partnerships and joint ventures will not last long resulting in loss. Those trading in consumer goods or in imports/exports will make sizeable gains during the course of this year. Some of you may even set-up an office in a foreign country to facilitate working. Youngsters seeking a career in service oriented firms or in the media will get opportunities that will establish them in their field of work.

Home and family life is happy except for the ill health of an elderly member in the family. The married will enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with their mate. If keen to buy a new house you will come across a good piece of land or property and will shift residence around the months of October/November. Youngsters will lead a hectic social life with strong possibility of having a romantic liaison with a close friend of the opposite sex. Your friendship will get intimate and more meaningful in that you may consider getting married to this person sometime in the future. Your parents and elders in the family will approve of your choice and give blessing to this relationship.

Students have a favourable year though they may have to put in a lot of hard work to get through their basic education. Those of you who opt for some technical training or take science in the higher stream will do remarkably well in education. Participation in debates, group discussions, public speaking and in stage performance will bring you into prominence.

Health will be generally good throughout this year. You may require to look after an ailing relative who may be quite advance in age. This could cause occasional anxiety in the family but there will be no cause for alarm. Your own health is good except that you will certainly put on some extra weight during the course of next twelve months.


This is a year of radical and revolutionary change and learning to flow with change, to make it your friend, to enjoy it, is one of the big lessons of the year and the next seven years.

The two planets that rule religion and higher education in your chart, Jupiter (the generic Ruler) and Pluto (the actual Ruler), are receiving stressful aspects from Uranus. For students this shows major changes in their plans. Many will change areas of study. Others will change schools. Still others might want to delay schooling for a while or take a lighter academic load and be footloose and fancy-free. Again, the freedom urges are at work here.

In the religious life, these aspects produce ‘crises of faith’. Mystical knowledge or personal inner experiences seem to contradict the religious beliefs you were brought up in. In many cases, the latest scientific discoveries or modern fads and innovations seem to contradict them. Your religious beliefs will undergo adjustment. Avoid the trap of ‘blind rebellion’ though you will be sorely tempted and see if these beliefs have something deeper behind them that unifies the contradictions. They usually do.

We already discussed the need to discipline children in a correct and balanced way but those of you who are artists (and many Pisceans are) will have a special need to make their productions practical and useful to others. It’s great to be creative but creativity with no function that serves no need in society is merely self-indulgence.

Many of you will be restructuring and reorganising your creativity because of these needs. The good news is that when you succeed, your work becomes more marketable. There is also a need to be more detailed in your creative productions. Pisces likes to see the broad picture but can be weak on the details. This is a time to strengthen that.

Your spiritual life will hit new plateaus in the coming year. Spiritual insights and realisations are not going to be mere dreamlike nothings. Your visions and insights will manifest in your flesh very quickly. You will have an uncanny ability to manifest whatever you visualise so be careful to visualise only the best.