libra personality

Libra – peacemaker of the Zodiac

Fashionably poised, Librans strike a balance in all they do Cultured and urbane, Librans pose sophistication and good taste. Appearances…

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virgo personality

Virgo – A drive for perfection

A drive for perfection is personified by Virgo, the maiden High standards of excellence characterize Virgo people. Cool, careful and…

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leo personality

Leo – king of the jungle

As the lion is king of the jungle, so Leo’s natural inclination is to rule With the Sun as the…

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cancer personality

Cancer – true romantic

Just like the crab, Cancerians build themselves a sturdy outer shell to protect their inner sensitivity Of all the star…

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Gemini Personality

A desire to do everything and to be everywhere, is manifested in the dual image of the Gemini twins Blessed…

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taurus personality

Taurus personality

Placid unless aroused, the bull characterizes the Taurean personality Security and stability are the driving forces for all Taureans. They…

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aries personality

Aries personality

Robust and headstrong, the ram personifies Aries as leader of the pack Aries is the leading sign in the roll-call…

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