libra 2017 horoscope

Libra 2017 horoscope

Brace yourself for some spectacular changes in your life, both in career and personal affairs. When someone like you have achieved stability and attained fair amount of success, indications of change are likely to send a sense of trepidation in your mind. Hence until you see the type of new developments happening there will be an element of uncertainty regarding your job or business.

This sort of phase is likely to continue for a couple of months and around August/September you will be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events that bring in its wake substantial monetary gains and a position of eminence in your job or profession. Some of you will see a change of job or location early in the year that will result in exceptional growth by the month of September. There will be focus on overseas work and some of you will travel abroad on an assignment while the business people will have gainful tie-ups with international clientele. Those keen to immigrate to a foreign country will get the necessary clearance and they will pack their bags and leave around October/November.

Home and family life is fine for those above the age of 50. The rest will see major changes in the personal relationships and domestic life. The married, even though happy, will find themselves getting attracted to another person causing hurt to their mate. They may genuinely avoid such liaisons but the passionate response of the other person could be overwhelming and they are likely to throw caution to the winds and get headlong into a torrid romance. The price for such indiscretion is high and they will create a lot of unpleasant within their family. If your mate is born under the sign Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius, then you may have a chance to retract your steps and save your relationship. The single that are in love will find their love life stormy more due to their own insecurities. They may not be sure of their own feelings and their lack of making any commitment will result in the break up of their relationship. You are cautioned not to spoil the harmony of you personal life with any deviations that in any case will be brief and may even leave you with a sense of hurt, despair and loss.

Students will have to work hard this year for they will find themselves lagging in studies. Taking corrective measures early will save them an academic year though they will drop their grades by a couple of percentage points. Some of you will prefer to complete your remaining education abroad and seek admission to any university overseas. Those that do travel abroad in the pursuit of their education will do a pleasant turnaround and excel in their final exams. Sports persons will get opportunities to display their talent in local clubs that will help selection to state or to teams on the national level.

Your health will be generally good this year except that you will go through a lot of mental tension both due to work as well as due to the upheavals in your personal life. This will be due to your own fault and if you are more careful there is no reason why you cannot overcome the negative influences cast on you by a configuration of unfavourable planets.

Overall you will have a rather eventful and a successful year.


There are three main areas for self-improvement in the year ahead. Your career and life work, Spirituality and your personal image and body.
The career has many challenges now. How to integrate emotional comfort with career success? How to integrate family duties with the demands of the career? How to enjoy one’s work more? How to find work that can truly be enjoyed, where work is like play? How to do all these things without losing one’s ability to achieve and accomplish?

There is also another important challenge. Your spiritual life is still very important this year especially until September 25th. Yet your career is important. How does one succeed in a career where worldly values tend to dominate without losing the spiritual values that are so important now? The world says compete, succeed, conquer new markets, get there before the other guy, rush, hurry up, to the victor go the spoils, money is power, status is power, etc. The spirit counsels just the opposite. Only spiritual success matters. Only staying in the Grace of a Higher Power is important. Name and fame are fleeting but the grace of a Higher Power is forever. Give and it shall be given unto you. There is no competition. You have your eternal place in the scheme of things. Dealing with these contradictions and paradoxes is not so easy but by the time Saturn leaves your House of Career (next year), you will be a lot clearer on these issues. You will have found a way to marry all the different urges in your career. As mentioned, many of you will find that only a free life style allows you to pursue both a career and your spirituality and need for freedom. Many will find that working from home is the answer. Others will make the family the career. A great clarifying process is happening within you these days.