leo 2017 horoscope

Leo 2017 horoscope

This is a fortunate year for those born under the sign Leo. You will do remarkably well in your career and business and achieve financial stability with comfortable ease.

The employed will begin the year with them getting a promotion with substantial increase in salary.
Youngsters will take up their new job in a large organisation with great enthusiasm and with determination to prove their merit that they will succeed in doing. Those in jobs requiring them to travel will move widely within the country before they are assigned international projects that may initially require them to take training overseas. Needless to say a successful phase in their career has begun and they will make rapid progress in their present organisations. Business people will continue to do well and may even expand or branch out into new areas of operations. It would be in their interest to work independently for no advantage will accrue through joint ventures or partnerships. Those in the field of trading in fast moving consumer goods will make a mark in exports or imports and establish their supremacy in their region.

Home and family life improves this year and all the despair and hurt of the previous year will be forgotten. The married who were having massive disagreements in their personal and domestic life will resolve their differences amicably. A happy reunion in the family with the elders and the youngsters is predicted this year making everyone glad and happy and relieved. Those youngsters who were having problems in their love life and had gone through heartburns and despair will now establish cordiality in their love life with proper understanding of each other’s misgivings. If single and in love, and eligible, marriage is likely towards the end of this year with the concurrence and blessings of their family.

Students will do exceptionally well this year. In their fear and trepidation about their academic future after a few setbacks, they will now be determined to succeed in their exams and training programmes. After doing well in their finals most of you will opt for higher education in some specialised field. Those who were earlier keen to travel overseas for studies will abandon their idea and pursue higher education within the country though they may have to go to another city to complete their advanced studies. Success in sports activities is assured and it will enthral your family when you bring home some medals and awards for merit.

Your health will be good this year and those who were weak and underweight due to some illness will now bounce back to normal health. Some of you may have a nagging ear problem, which once attended to by a specialised will be relieved.

Overall the year 2017 is verily a fortunate year to which you will certainly be looking forward to with great relief after going through some upheavals in the past.