gemini 2017 horoscope

Gemini 2017 horoscope

Travel and frequent change in job or business enterprise marks this as a unique year for most of you. Go along with any change that comes along for with every move or change you will be improving your career and financial prospects.

The employed keen to make their career in foreign lands will get an opportunity to travel overseas through a relative or a close friend. However, you are advised to have something confirm in hand before embarking on your journey.

The planetary configuration indicate opportunities coming along and not that you should focus and make moves in getting abroad and then trying your luck for doing that will be an error. Youngsters starting out in their career should accept whatever is proffered and not expect red carpet treatment from companies of repute just because they may have qualified with merit and distinction or even be a gold medallist in their specialised subjects. Making a beginning this year will be more advantageous than waiting for what they consider suitable and losing out a year. Business people will make good progress and expand their enterprise that obviously entails further investment. Hence an occasional financial crunch is likely and they may have to resort to borrowing to fulfil their commitments.

Home and family life will be much happier this year that brings welcome relief after you having gone through some harrowing experiences in the past. The married will come to a greater understanding about each other’s roles and responsibility in their relationship and family life. Those who may not have taken a collective holiday in the company of their family will make plans for one early in the year. This will be an enjoyable and enriching experience for all. Youngsters are likely to get involved in an affair of the heart but may make the mistake of getting involved with a distant relative. An objection to their association from parents and elders in the family is a certainty. You should avoid such indiscretions for this kind of relationship will have no future. This is a good year for those seeking to settle down in matrimony with them receiving several proposals.

Students will have to work hard this year and the planets do indicate them putting lot of hard work and long hours in preparation for their exams. They can expect good results that will enable them to get admission to institutions of repute to pursue higher education. Those keen to study overseas will set out on their journey towards August or September.

Your health will be generally good. Elders may have problems like pain in the joints or arthritis. Those prone to suffer from respiratory disorder will have to take regular medication and strictly follow medical advice. Generally the health will be good it is only the elderly who may require attention that usually has to be taken after a certain age.

Like last year, your financial life and financial attitudes are the main area for self-improvement. This is a year (like last year and well into 2018) for learning as much as you can about money and its uses. Courses in accounting, investing, financial planning, debt-management, budgeting and the like are all good. This is also a good year for learning more about taxes and property law, as these issues seem prominent in the year ahead. Tax law complicates many a financial decision. Often, the tax consequences of a deal or investment negate the common sense, logical value of the deal. So, for many of you it is time to factor these issues into your financial thinking and planning but as mentioned earlier, the year ahead is about financial discipline. It is about developing the right attitudes and approach to wealth and making them part of your character. The correct attitudes and knowledge will lead, inevitably, to wealth in the long term. It doesn’t matter where you are in the scale of things now, whether you are a file clerk or financier, you can use more financial discipline.

Your love life, too, is undergoing much reformation. If you understand that you are being led to higher, finer and happier love and social attitudes, you’ll go through the process much more easily. Have you been too selfish? Too one-sided? Have you truly understood the other person in terms of his or her destiny when you make judgements? Are you trying to control the other person’s behaviour? Do you know when you are doing this? Are you waging gender conflict or fostering love? Is love or power the motivating force in your relationship? Can you forgive or are you holding grudges? These and many other issues are coming up. The process of transformation is not pretty, not colour co-ordinated and not filled with the smell of roses. It’s a messy process but the end result is very beautiful.

Those of you who are into home improvement projects will find this to be an excellent year. Your aesthetic sense for the home is unusually sharp and you seem to have both the interest and resources for these kinds of things. Beautifying the home, landscaping, making the home into your personal work of art are all well aspected. This is also a year for taking up a creative hobby, something that you do just for the fun of it. Painting, music and relative writing seem best.