capricorn 2017 horoscope

Capricorn 2017 horoscope

You can look forward to a successful phase during the coming twelve months. Financial gains are in store for independent entrepreneurs and professionals while the employed will receive increase in salary with additional perks.
Youngsters starting out in their career will receive favourable job offers from organisations of repute and they will get an opportunity to put their education and training to gainful use. It will be a period of hard work that will require stamina and skill to maintain their jobs.

However if you manage to deliver efficiently then you are assured stability with prospects of growth to higher positions. Those keen to work overseas will get to travel during the course of their current job or they may even receive an offer from an organisation having branches in foreign countries. Business people will achieve stability in their work and succeed in expanding their sphere of activities to other regions and states. Those who are in trading will do well and are advised to restrict their activities to trading and commission work and not harbour thoughts of getting into manufacturing. Young women after having qualified as chartered accountants, management graduates or completing mass communication will begin their jobs at a high position right from the start. Those desirous of working in the television media will receive suitable offers.

Home and family life may go through some trouble times. It may be due to the ill health of parents or elders in the family. There is likelihood of a split in joint families where married sons live and work together with their parents. The married are likely to go through problems in their marital life creating further tensions to all. If there is an eligible but unmarried brother or sister living in a joint family the problems could get aggravated. A change of residence is foreseen in that the joint property is likely to be sold to facilitate the purchase of two or three smaller units for each nuclear family. The fancy-free will long for some companionship but a sincere and genuine friend seem elusive. You may have a friend of the opposite sex but who may not be romantically inclined towards you, as you may have imagined.

Students will have a tough year ahead and if they are not serious and neglect their studies they may have to discontinue their education altogether. Some of you may fail to get through your exams and will have to re-evaluate your academic curriculum rather than waste time in making a second attempt to make the grade. Sports persons will do well and will seriously consider taking up professional sports more so if they are not keen to continue with their education. They will certainly get selected and put to training under an able coach.

Your health will be generally good and those keen to lose weight will be able to do so. You will get into the mood to taking care of your body and either join a regular gym or workout at home to get in shape.

Last year, the main area of self-improvement was in health. Many of you took on dietary and exercise regimes. Many of you learned about the laws of diet, health and exercise, the nutritional contents of your food, the foods to avoid, cholesterol levels and the like. Most importantly, you learned about the particular quirks of your own body and how it responds to various therapies and diets. All of this was good but by now the lessons have been absorbed and you’re on to your social sphere.

This is a year for upgrading, refining and developing your social skills. No matter how good you are in this department, there’s always room for improvement. The most important ingredient for success is your intense interest. This will enable you to overcome the normal ups and downs of social activity. You are making a conscious attempt to see things from the perspective of other people, to understand and appreciate their positions, to put yourself in their shoes, so to speak and this is a wonderful social quality. You are a big believer in the duties and responsibilities that come with friendship and marriage. This is one of Capricorn’s most ennobling traits but understand that not everybody feels this way and many will consider you too cold and aloof. Where you see love as serious business, others see it as a lark. Most people are more frivolous about it than you are. You will need to keep your sense of duty about you but also to lighten up and project genuine warmth to others.

Education is also very prominent in this year’s Horoscope. This includes both secondary and university education. Students getting ready to enter university will hear good news in this department but even adults will have many opportunities to pursue educational goals, to complete either their secondary school, college or postgraduate education. Many might just opt for attending seminars and workshops in areas that interest them.

Since finance is always an interesting subject for you, I can see many Capricorns taking courses on financial matters, learning the practical skills that will enhance future wealth.