Cancer 2017 horoscope

This will be a fortunate year for growth and prosperity. There will be some major changes in your work in that the focus seems to shift to foreign lands with a likelihood of a change of location.

Financial gains continue and you will be able to secure yourself in your business and profession. Those working jointly or in partnership will undergo some changes and may decide to work independently. Some of you will set-up a new venture in collaboration with an overseas partner that will prove profitable.

Those in the business of trading or working on commission, or in the service industry, will make rapid progress during the course of the year. Those having manufacturing units may decide to restructure their work and shift focus into more service or trading. Those in steel industry, or information technology can look forward to tremendous progress over the next couple of years. The employed will do very well and those keen to travel abroad on job will get lucrative offers from overseas. Some of you will work within the country for multinational group and travel frequently overseas.

Home and family life is fine except elders in the family come under adverse planetary configuration. You will have to attend to the health of your parents or the elders at home who may require hospitalization. The married will share good rapport with their mate and they will plan to buy a new house, or buy an additional property in their hometown. Some of you may decide to shift to another town or city in the pursuit of your business or profession that will prove beneficial. Youngsters and the fancy free will long for a romantic companion that seems elusive. You may get involved with someone but this association may not be satisfactory and you will seek another friend. You are not the type to have several liaison but somehow you will find yourself changing partners more frequently than to your liking. If single and eligible, your marriage arranged by your family is likely towards the end of the year.

Students will have a successful year and those keen to pursue higher education overseas will get admission and governmental clearance to travel. Sports persons will excel in competitive games. Some of you may decide to take to professional sports under the able guidance of a well known coach.

Your health will be generally good except for those suffering from pain in the joints that may require regular medical care.


The main area of self-improvement this year, like last year is the body and the image. This is definitely a wonderful period for getting your body to be the way you want it to be and for getting your image right. You are in the mood and have more power to lose weight, diet and be more Spartan and sparing with yourself. Your sense of personal discipline is very strong. You can take on the regimes that will bring your body to where you want it to be. A beauty queen once told me that ‘beauty is 90 per cent discipline and 10 per cent genetic.’

This year, the dark colours suit you. Black, indigo and grey are good. Classic, conservative styles are most suitable.

This is a year where you learn that real self-esteem can be low-key. Bombastic, bravado and arrogance are usually signals of a lack of self-esteem. ‘From quietness and confidence comes forth strength.’