capricorn personality

Capricorn – serious and sober individual

Tough and sure-footed like a mountain goat, Capricorns pick their way to the top Arguably the most mature sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns are serious and sober individuals with a […]

sagittarius personality

Sagittarius – cheerful and optimistic

Like an arrow shot from the bow, the Sagittarian’s intuition invariably hits the mark Incorrigibly cheerful and optomistic, Sagittarian enthusiasm gives the members of this Sign a zest for life. […]

scorpio personality

Scorpio – Intense and powerful

Intense and powerful, Scorpio’s gaze can penetrate one’s soul There is little doubt that, with their intense and powerful demeanors, Scorpios come across as forceful personalities with deep-rooted passions. They […]

libra personality

Libra – peacemaker of the Zodiac

Fashionably poised, Librans strike a balance in all they do Cultured and urbane, Librans pose sophistication and good taste. Appearances are important to them, and they will go to great […]

virgo personality

Virgo – A drive for perfection

A drive for perfection is personified by Virgo, the maiden High standards of excellence characterize Virgo people. Cool, careful and analytical, their razor-sharp mentality can pick things up at a […]

leo personality

Leo – king of the jungle

As the lion is king of the jungle, so Leo’s natural inclination is to rule With the Sun as the ruler of this Sign, how can any Leo fail to […]

cancer personality

Cancer – true romantic

Just like the crab, Cancerians build themselves a sturdy outer shell to protect their inner sensitivity Of all the star signs, Cancer harbours the most family-oriented members. For these people, […]