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Aries 2017 horoscope

The successful phase you have been enjoying will get extended into this year making you confident about your future. However, it will be wise to consolidate and strengthen your position in order to combat invisible pitfalls lurking ahead that get revealed during the next few months.

Someone close to you will spring a surprise by attempting to sidetrack you for his or her own personal gains. A warning heeded to well in advance will prepare you to overcome such elements without jeopardising your job or financial stability. Business people should wait for better market conditions before they embark upon their new enterprise or expanding their existing projects.

There is a strong thrust towards international business and you should explore overseas market for expansion or developing fresh contacts. The employed will do well in their jobs making a steady progress. They should not listen to the self-appointed advisors who may goad them into making demands for better salary or additional perks. Let the benefits of doing good work come to you by itself for making any fresh demands will only weaken your position to someone else’s advantage. A major change for the better is in the offing without you making any efforts. You need to prepare yourself for such developments and accept as and when such opportunities arrive.

Home and personal affairs are in harmony with your ever-changing environment. The married will receive full support from their partner and family despite their keeping a busy schedule. Some of you will be making plans to buy a new home, or moving into one acquired lately. Your family will be happily looking forward to these changes that is to the benefit of all. Parents and the elders in the family will feel contented with the attention and care that you and your beloved show towards them. A happy and contented family life will spread good vibrations all around and your circle of friends will seek your company to share your joy. Youngsters will get into their new routine of work activities where they will find a sincere admirer in a person of the opposite sex. A tender romance is predicted for the fancy-free that gets strengthened with each passing month. If you are single and eligible marriage is foreseen towards the end of the year with the blessing of the elders. Those already in love for some time and were facing some opposition from their family, will now find their parents and elders accepting their relationship. With such cordiality at home and within the family, happy days are assured to you.

Students will need to work hard initially that will be followed with success in their exams. Those completing their basic education will plan to take up technical studies in preparation for their career. An admission to institution of repute is assured though it may in another city or town. Living away from family may appear a bit difficult but it has its own advantage like becoming self-sufficient and more responsible in life.

Health will be generally good and you will continue to follow your regiment of exercise with healthy and moderate eating. Those of you who may have lately put on weight will be able to get back into shape. Some of you, especially those having some problems in their eyes may have to go in for a minor surgery that will be successful. Overall you have a happy, contented and a successful year ahead.


Jupiter’s move through your 6th House of Health is bringing many of you dream job opportunities. But it is important to understand why this is happening. These opportunities are coming because you have become a more productive worker. Jupiter has revealed to you (and will continue to reveal) the little secrets and principles that make you more productive, perhaps on an unconscious level. You attract better work opportunities. It’s best to focus on the revelation of Jupiter rather than the physical manifestation. With Jupiter’s revelation this year, you will have a way of always attracting good jobs (and/or workers). This is his true gift.

The same is true in the field of romance. It’s not so much that Jupiter will bring you a specific lover (though this will happen) but he will reveal to you some of the secrets. The subtle energetics that attract love to you. You will learn how to be more generous, jovial, outgoing and fearless in love and you will become more magnetic. The important thing is to retain this knowledge for the future.

The Cosmos educates us in two ways. The carrot and the stick. Jupiter is the carrot and Saturn is the stick. Jupiter gives you your toy freely but Saturn will show you how to keep your toy. Without Saturn, the good you receive in life would be ephemeral. So Saturn will let you experience the consequences of erroneous behaviour, attitudes and emotional patterns and these are sometimes painful. Pain has no other purpose but education. And we must admit, pain will succeed as a teacher where other methods will fail. Pain is the actual way out of pain. For in working to get out of it, we realise our mistakes and correct them. It is through the Stick’ method that you will reorganise and restructure your family and emotional life in the year ahead. The pain will be your guide and teacher. Erroneous emotional patterns will produce immediate pain and you will know that you are off the mark. Make the correction and the pain will disappear, as there is no cosmic need for it any longer. As you correct, correct and correct your emotional behaviour and your domestic pattern, all pain will disappear and you will have long-term emotional stability, domestic happiness and the foundations for long-term career success.