aquarius 2017 horoscope

Aquarius 2017 horoscope

The coming year begins on a favourable note by you signing an important contract for job or business. You must now work towards attaining your goals in your career for you will find all round support in your endeavours and opportunities abound to fulfil your dreams.

Business people will feel optimistic and have the courage to take calculated risk in their fresh projects and emerge successful. Some of you will take-over an abandoned project where the earlier entrepreneur may have blocked his/her monies and suffered loss. With your hard work and ingenuity you will turnaround this venture and make substantial profit much to the surprise and delight of financial institutions and those who may have financed this enterprise earlier. Some of you will make inroads into the international market and establish a base in a foreign country. The employed will achieve rapid growth in their organisation and qualified managers will take charge of an important division in their company. Youngsters will get an opportunity to work hard and prove their merit that will get suitable rewarded.

Home and family life is fine so much so that you will at times wonder that if it is real. You may have had a long spell of unhappiness in personal relationships and disharmony at home that you may have even given up all hopes of having a normal healthy life. Well, you are now in a good phase that will first make you more amenable and generous towards one and all thereby evoking the natural response of love and affection from others. The married will find their mate loving and caring that enlivens the atmosphere within the family. Parents will be happy to see their children grow in a loving atmosphere. Youngsters will find a charming friend and this association will gradually turn to a romantic affair that will be enduring.

They will do very well in their exams and will opt to study further and also go in for some specialisation programme. Those studying arts and philosophy will do well and may get admissions or job placements in foreign universities. Sports persons will get opportunity to take part in competitions and they will successfully get a trophy or two to their collections of awards.

Your health will be generally good. Some of you will have a tendency to put on weight that is rather uncommon to those born under your sign of the zodiac. You must take care and continue with your regimen of light physical exercise and dietary restrictions to remain in shape else it will be difficult to shed extra weight later.

Overall you will have a very successful and a satisfying year ahead.


Many areas of life are getting improved in the coming year. Spirituality, finance, health and work are the main areas but education will be another important area.

You have a very interesting aspect now. A ‘mutual reception’ between your Personal Planet and Neptune, your Money Planet. Neptune also happens to be the most spiritual of all the planets. The connection between spirituality and finance has always been clear to you but now the connection is stronger than it has ever been. It won’t hurt to study and master the spiritual laws of affluence. There are a few main principles and they are not hard to learn but sometimes they are hard to apply. Know the source of supply, God. Tithe your income to charities or ministries. You receive in the same measure as you give. Think affluent thoughts. Maintain total integrity in your financial dealings. Follow your inner guidance and learn to discern what is true guidance and what comes from other sources. Wealth is not measured (in spiritual terms) by the size of your bank account or your investment portfolio. It is an inner state of ‘enough’, an inner state of ‘no lack’. If you attain this inner state, you can consider yourself rich and successful, regardless of what the world thinks.

Educational opportunities are coming after September 25th. For students looking to enter university or graduate school, this is good news as this is a fortunate period but even adults will have opportunities for higher education then and they should be taken, as they are happy and good.

Health is also an important area for self-improvement and here, too, we see the strong spiritual connection with Saturn, your personal Spiritual Planet, is in your 6th House of Health. As mentioned, this shows a strong interest in the spiritual aspects of health and healing in the coming year Learn as much as you can about it. There are many, many books available.

Saturn in your 6th House of Work shows that in the year ahead you are going to become a more organised and productive worker. Perhaps you will do less (perhaps you should do less) but from July 23rd to August 23rd the work that gets done is done well. Also, if you analyse your work habits you will find that much time and productivity are wasted on frivolities, fidgeting, food breaks, idle conversation, etc. If these frivolities are eliminated you immediately accomplish more with less effort.