2017 Virgo love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus and Neptune encourage you to branch out in new directions. For once in your life, you could spontaneously change jobs without thinking about security.

The transit of Jupiter and Saturn through your ninth house of personal growth promotes your new viewpoints and interests. Exciting things could happen when Jupiter transits your tenth house of career in June.

When it comes to love, Pluto inspires your fourth house of home, where Virgos need an intimate, caring environment. If you’ve had clashes with your partner, it could be that the two of you are living too close in each other’s pockets, but still missing the feel of intimacy.

Opening your expression involves looking into your strong, Aries eighth house of passion, where you combine the ability to listen with the capacity to advise, where you pay attention to your own counsel and are forceful. This is a house in which leaving some stones unturned can be beneficial, especially if you and your partner aren’t in agreement.

Virgos know how to look for the right love. In the past, when a relationship got too emotional, you would sweep it aside. This year, you are more confident, and you’ll be making time for earthy fun. In June, you’ll glow with confidence, and bonds can strengthen quickly.