2017 Scorpio love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus and Neptune, known to drastically alter domestic circumstances, continue to do just that in your fourth house of home.

Saturn, in the significant seventh house of relationships from January through August, adds a profound sense of responsibility in love. Your relationship will be a focus of extremely important commitment and recommitment.

Pluto’s transit through your second house of income could help Scorpios reap monetary rewards, especially when coupled with your instinctive investment ability.

When it comes to love, Uranus could create twinges of dissatisfaction with your partner or your surroundings by causing your life to become more hectic and erratic. The extra tension makes it more likely that one person’s behavior will provoke another person’s negative response.

Neptune, in a better position, gives you heightened sensitivity to deal with troubling issues. You may need to work on making your home the place that you and your partner consider your spiritual retreat.

Jupiter and Saturn make it possible for you and your partner to relax together by encouraging you to lighten up and not take things so seriously. The two of you should find harmony at the dawning of 2017.

If you’re looking for love, the first of the year is the best time. You are likely to be offered a strong but strange relationship that has a mysterious aura. The challenge, after August, comes from jealousy. As jealousy rears its ugly head, things could change. Maintaining your awareness will help, as will building trust.

Saturn gives you the feeling that your opportunities are limited. You may feel as if you are on the verge of taking a serious step this year. If you’ve been without a relationship for some time, you might be stimulated to seek counseling to find out why.