2017 Sagittarius love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus and Neptune deepen your intellectual interests and ignite your creative talent. At the threshold of 2017, you’re very receptive to new theories and interests.

With Pluto in your first house of self, you know quite a bit about yourself, and you have more self-control than ever. Use your personal magnetism to your advantage. Thanks to Jupiter, luck is in your corner from February through June 2017.

When it comes to love, all your relationship houses are happily activated. As Sagittarians enter the New Year, they will leave behind old inhibitions, so the closeness you and your partner have could reach new levels.

Jupiter is especially beneficial in June. If your relationship hasn’t been smooth, Saturn’s transit encourages you to make a serious effort to improve it or to push for a decision about whether it should continue.

Your decision may involve how and where you live, and whether the safe and familiar is what you both need at this point in your lives together. Set goals this year, because the sky is the limit.

If you’re looking for love, June’s Jupiter stimulation brings fruitful partnerships through the end of the year. A very special person could come into your life, making love feel natural and good.