2017 Libra love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus entices you with new pleasures and increases your daring. Pluto offers sweeping changes and provides new directions in thinking. Beginning August 2017, the outer planets work with Jupiter to bring you inspiration and luck.

When it comes to love, the aspects of Jupiter and Saturn are auspicious for Libra relationships. The strong Taurus influence adds strong passion as you merge with your partner in a natural, emotional way. This eases any recent unpleasantness or unsatisfying times.

Neptune subtly alters your union by sweeping away the ego-centered barriers that Saturn in the eighth house of passion can sometimes cause. The New Year gives you and your partner a straightforward approach and the right responses.

If you’re looking for love, short-term romances keep popping up, thanks to Uranus. You continue to run into others who aren’t ready or able to settle down. Trust Jupiter, because he can help your heart know what your mind needs.

If Saturn has been forcing you to be celibate, that should come to a temporary end in September, freeing you to pursue your romantic interests. Celibacy returns, however, in mid-October to provide much-needed rest and recuperation.