2017 Leo love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, luck will be with you. Starting in June 2017, after Saturn pumps you up for serious moves, Pluto stimulates your talent, and your risks pay off in a very satisfying way.

Uranus and Neptune revitalize relationships, and it’s possible that this planetary duo will manifest through your partner, causing him or her to change dramatically. Lions have to continue loosening the reins of control in one way or another.

Jupiter and Saturn add to your dramatic thrust toward the world, but they create tension with your significant other. The gulf between the two of you could widen unless you are willing to be more generous and honest.

When it comes to love, opportunities emerge through your eighth house of passion, where your intuition enables you to sense what your partner needs most. If you take care of issues early in the year, by August your love life should be running smoothly.

If you’re looking for love, Pluto in your fifth house of romance inspires you to destroy any self-made blocks as you slowly change your image. It’s time to get rid of outdated ambitions. Discard any lifestyles you’ve outgrown.

You’ll seek love in a rash pursuit of new experiences. People you meet will be exotic, different either in background or age, but equal participants in intense love affairs. The new yearcould see you attracted to a few unreliable or unavailable partners as well.