2017 Gemini love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus widens your horizons, and Neptune dissolves obstacles that may have blocked your development and expansion in the past. Both planets give the Twins a wisely planned, but adventurous approach.

The influence of Jupiter and Saturn centers on your twelfth house of past karma and the unconscious, where Geminis have been receiving lessons in humility and truth since March 2016. When it comes to love, you and your significant other may have undergone many changes.

Although Jupiter’s humor helps lighten heavy issues, he may have brought so much luck that you’ve wiggled out of dealing with them. Saturn prods you to better understand sensitive issues, especially those involving your fifth house of romance and your seventh house of relationships. Saturn forces you and your partner to learn to lean on each other.

If your relationship has gotten too far out of touch, perhaps you need to relate to your partner more emotionally and less mentally. By July 2017, your passion could be reignited, if only because Jupiter’s intolerance for an uninspiring relationship arouses you. By August, you should feel much better. At that point, you’ll need to concentrate on your partner’s feelings.

If you’re looking for love, you are intellectually open, but impressionable. Pluto uproots your outdated ideas and lifestyle, and thus opens the possibility of a very important and exciting relationship. You’ll be looking for and will find a more emotional and mature love.