2017 Capricorn love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus and Neptune change the way you earn and use money. While the aspects made by these two planets certainly don’t ensure loss, they do point out that you’re more likely to make errors if you’re impatient or you cling to unrealistic, get-rich-quick schemes. Jupiter and Saturn will help improve conditions beginning around August 2017.

Pluto urges Capricorns to let go of old guilt and any feelings of alienation. The timing is right, because Uranus’ influence will increase your confidence and inspire optimism about the future.

When it comes to love, the last part of 2017 may be easier than the first. Your relationships could face challenges if you and your significant other get too involved in worldly issues or adhere too rigidly to rules and regulations (the no-nonsense approach that makes love operate under a business plan). One partner has to remind the other that emotions are important, and that your union needs more passion and ease within it.

If you’re looking for love, Jupiter enlivens romance from February through June. If you let someone see your compassionate and sensitive soul, you’ll be just what he or she is looking for.