2017 Cancer love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, Uranus entices you to find new directions and avenues for expression. At the threshold of 2017, Moon Children are prepared to risk a more adventurous approach — changing the status quo is easier for you.

Pluto in your sixth house of work puts your focus on your working environment. Pluto promotes the need for change, especially if you are in uncongenial surroundings or you need to regroup after an unwise career change. You begin 2017 with strength and with the ability to cope. Networking could lead to profitable new connections.

When it comes to love, the trine from Jupiter and Saturn to your seventh house of relationships makes you and your significant other feel peaceful and secure in your partnership, although a little added adventure wouldn’t hurt.

If you end 2016 with the feeling that tension is building, perhaps you’ve gone overboard in thinking that your significant other should be everything to you. When that happens, caring has become clinging. The activation of your eighth house of passion could change the type of intimacies you share.

If you’re looking for love, an opposition to your fifth house of romance opens up what might have been limiting possibilities. You won’t be prone to get too familiar too quickly.

In 2017, something meaningful, such as a destined union or the appearance of someone that rocks your soul, could occur. As far as Neptune is concerned, this is just a wild fantasy. Nevertheless, he’ll fine-tune your intuition, and if such a person exists, you’ll know it at first sight.