2017 Aries love predictions

As you approach the year 2017, expect electrifying Uranus to supply breakthroughs and opportunities that will liberate you from misguided vocational callings. Idealistic Neptune continues to make it apparent that what you thought would make you happy really doesn’t. Transformative Pluto offers in-depth assistance in solving problems. You have an opportunity now to follow your heart.

Because the influence of Jupiter and Saturn will center on your second house of possessions and values, you will likely be involved in a personal inventory of sorts. From February to June 2017, your attention will be focused on all that you call yours and how you freely use it. When it comes to love, however, that also involves the things you share with your significant other.

As the new year begins, Aries, take a hard look at your relationship. If you and your partner are dueling over “mine vs. ours” issues, make a New Year’s resolution to start working toward compromise.

Forgiving Jupiter moves into your third house of communication at the end of June, and a nice, stimulating trine lightens your heart. If you took advantage of August’s “confession is good for the soul” timing, then you eliminated “mine vs. ours” challenges and reignited the desire of the eighth house of passion.

If you’re looking for love, Uranus and Neptune continue to stimulate fun and excitement, so you should have plenty of chances for love. If you didn’t connect in 2016, it could be because you weren’t looking for a truly compatible partner.

This year, you would be wise to fantasize about what constitutes a kindred spirit. Jupiter will stimulate your social connections in August, but June could be the time when that special someone appears or a significant relationship begins.

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